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Olena Kostyuchenko
Kyiv national University of culture and arts
PDF 86-96 (Українська)


psychological support, recreation, recreational technology, professional sales, fashion industry, fashion industry expert.

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           The article examines the recreational nature of professional realization as one of the important factors of personality as human reproduction in the creative, cultural, spiritual, physical, mental (intellectual, emotional) terms; as a holistic and integral implementation of creative and adaptive capacities, based on what are the problems of adaptation to changing environmental conditions, growth, development, human self. Appointed place and role of psychological support professional fulfillment specialist fashion industry (SIM). In the context of the scope of the fashion industry in the structure of applied psychology singled out the two most common areas of research Psy-related problems of professional experts and the organization of SIM itself, orientation on integrate recreational, entertainment and developmental potential activities related to the field of beauty and fashion. The essence recreational Psy as a complex integrative system that includes an ordered number of transactions and activities that provide recreational aim-determination, content, information and substantive and procedural aspects aimed at enhancing cognitive, restoration of optimal mental state, the formation of personal qualities, effective communication and interaction, learning, skills developments, given the objectives of professional realization SIM. Special attention is focused: on the components of the structure SIM professionalism; focused on forms of psychological and educational impact on his psychological culture; psychological factors that determine the effective activities; on the psychological problems that require the use Psy; on content units training in the context of the main functions of fashion. Indicated that psychological support professional realization SIM its content is a holistic system that includes systematic and comprehensive awakening and liberation of abilities, involvement untapped reserves of mental Rights on optimizing and forming, expanding the repertoire of current forms of creative self-expression, and self-actualization.


PDF 86-96 (Українська)


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