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Serhii Maksymenko
H.S. Kostyuk Institute of Psychology of the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine
PDF 5-16 (Українська)


higher mental functions, genetic psychology, experimental-genetic method, design, modeling, objective activity, psyche.

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The paper emphasis on the problem of scientific prediction of mental development of the individual. It is noted that forecasting originally woven into the subject of genetic psychology. It is alleged that the logical experimental genetic method involves modeling and active play empirical forms of manifestation of mind in special circumstances. It is noted that the level of theoretical study of mental processes in experimental genetic method is given by constructing a specially party content and purposeful activity. Main reason for the lack of attention to the problem of scientific prediction psychic personality development caused by the general crisis in the theoretical knowledge of the psychology of personality and its development. Experimental genetic method bears the methods of constructing higher mental functions given to the subject in the conversion of its specific content. It is emphasized that understand the past and predict the future development cannot be ignored social situation. Therefore, the aim of predicting a person's own life path - one of the central subjects in solving diagnostic tasks within the prognosis of genetic psychology. Through forecasting, psychologist practitioner must use their own activities (Consultative correctional effect), organizing activities environment (eg, teachers, parents), carrying out regular monitoring.

  The main essential traits and principles of the genetic and modeling method are described in the article.  It is proved that this method is one of the few in psychology (together with the longitude), that gives an opportunity to investigate the psychical development and thus its essential peculiarities. The possibilities of the method for the developmental and counseling psychology are revealed. The theoretical and methodological research and the resulting empirical data are noted to support the idea of the extreme scientific and applied productivity of the genetic and modeling method. The genetic psychology (and genetic modeling method as its basis) is shown to be the area of psychological knowledge, which can provide a prediction of personality development, by only on condition of the ideographic approach implementation (in the native psychology that term meets the concept of “аclinical approach”).


PDF 5-16 (Українська)


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